Who are The Seated Queen?

The Seated Queen was created by sisters Josephine + Libby Banks, both based in rural Wiltshire, UK. Josephine is a trained facial massage therapist. As someone who struggles with eczema + contact dermatitis, she knows how important it is to create products that are soothing + gentle, as well as effective.

Libby is an journalist + consultant, who worked for more than a decade as a consultant for global retail + beauty brands.

The Seated Queen – officially known as Cassiopeia – is a star constellation in the northern sky. Cassiopeia was a vain queen in Greek mythology who boasted of her unrivalled beauty. We love the idea of someone who is strong, but also imperfect + unpredictable.

For the brand, the word ‘queen’ exists beyond the confines of gender, instead it represent a state of mind + a way of doing.

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