Meet Shoreditch Nails' founder Tina: a powerhouse on a mission to transform nails...

“I am on a mission to share my love for colour!” exclaims Shoreditch Nails’ founder Tina Michael. “ I just love looking down at my toes when they’ve just been painted. For some customers nails can be a way of expressing themselves through design or colour. It can be about having a moment to stop in their busy day and take time to take care of themselves…”

This is one founder who really, truly understands what her customers want, and is driven to bring to life her ambition to create a nail salon that was colourful, fun and focused on perfecting natural nail care (Shoreditch Nails’ polish is vegan and cruelty free).

TBS: So where did it start?

TM: “My mission was to create a business that changed the way nail salons employed their teams; that had education and training at its core, and that found a way to be more eco-conscious. The nail polishes were a natural progression from this: in 2022 we launched one of the first formulas which is 81% bio-sourced. 

Although our formulas are nowhere near being chemical free, this was such a huge step for the nail care industry.”

TBS: And how have people responded to it?

TM: We get lots of lovely feedback from our community. I think it’s really special to have so many new and loyal customers who believe in the brand and who love what we do. 

For our team it’s a creative outlet… it’s social, and they make real meaningful connections with people. 

TBS: What attracted you to The Beauty Standard? What made you say YES to us??

TM: The brands that The Beauty Standard have partnered with share many of the values of Shoreditch Nails… some of them we work with too. It’s not only great to work alongside familiar brands but also brands that we really admire. 

And of course, we are all about The Beauty Standard aesthetic and ethos.  

Shoreditch Nails deep red polish, The Well Street, is available in our be_well box.

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