Meet Plum & Ashby

We love how Plum & Ashby describe themselves as: “scent-creators” who craft gorgeous fragrances for your home, bath and body – it captures the brand, and the approach of founders Vicky White and Freya Nicholson, perfectly… 

Founded in 2014, with an uncompromising commitment to quality and a desire to deliver a transportive experience, Plum & Ashby’s home and body collections are truly sensory, seasonal, and distinctively British. Inspired largely by the countryside and great outdoors, all their products are made in England using the finest natural ingredients. They’re PETA listed and 100% cruelty free too.

We’re obsessed with their Seaweed & Samphire scent… so much so we included the scented candle in our be_unique box.

The brand’s co-founder Freya took some time out to talk to us about (secret) plans for the future, how she stays grounded and Agatha Christie novels…

TBS: We have to ask: what drew you to The Beauty Standard? 

FN: I love your ethos of slow beauty. Social media is making us all devour products far too quickly. There’s too much waste out there, we have to be more conscious.

TBS: Thank you! Likewise… we love your considered approach to creating products that respect the earth and environment. You work with charities too, right?

FN: We spend a good chunk of time and effort working on our partnership with Tommy’s. The value of giving back, especially to such an important cause, is something that is very important to P&A.   

TBS: Talking of giving back… what's been the most heart-warming feedback you've received from a customer or collaborator? 

FN: The emails we receive from customers who have bought our Wave of Light candle are incredibly moving and heart-warming. The candle means so much to everyone, we feel honoured to be able to bring some level of comfort to people in such dark times. 

TBS: What keeps you driven and focused on your vision for Plum & Ashby when things get tough?

FN: One of my favourite sayings is “It’s not I can’t, it’s how can I?” and this is one of our key values at P&A. This attitude gives us all strength to overcome challenges that arise. I also have an unfaltering belief that we will succeed. There’s always ups and down but ultimately if you keep preserving, good will prevail.

TBS: Can you tell us about a "lightbulb" moment when you realised Plum & Ashby could make a real mark in the beauty space?

FN: Our rebrand back in 2021 was pivotal to where we are now. Being taken on by Selfridges was a very proud moment for us all.

TBS: That’s amazing. And tiring! How do you stay grounded amidst the hustle of running a brand?

FN: I have a very energetic working cocker [spaniel] so my mornings and evenings consist of walking, which I love as it helps clear my head and gets me moving. I also find a train ride one of the best places to think and take stock.

TBS: What's a passion or hobby of yours that people might be surprised to learn about? 

FN: Vicky and I share a real love for Agatha Christie novels!

TBS: Was there a piece of advice or wisdom that you received early on in your journey that has stuck with you?

FN: When things get busy, make time to do what you love. You can’t have your next best idea with your head stuck in a spreadsheet.

TBS: It’s so true. If you could go back and give your younger self one piece of advice before starting this journey, what would it be?

FN: Identify your strengths and let go of your weaknesses, you can’t be perfect at everything, that’s why you build a team.

TBS: Last question (for now!). What does the future look like for Plum & Ashby? Any secrets you can share about what’s coming next? Hints? 

FN: We’ve got some very exciting plans coming up with some interior designers and we’re looking to expand our amenities arm of the business. That’s all I can say!

Plum & Ashby's Seaweed & Samphire candle can be found in our be_unique box.